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In 1997 Marty McKenzie became convinced that he was to be involved in Ministry, specifically, Jail and Prison.  A mission was laid on his heart to go to the jails and prisons, to minister to those that had messed up their life and could be changed by the Gospel.

 In October of 1997 Marty McKenzie preached his first message at a Menís Ministry Dinner.  He was the Calvary Baptist Director of Menís Ministries at that time.  Later in December of 1997 he preached for the first time at the Effingham Prison.  This led to him conducting Church Services there every month on second and fourth Sundays.  After about a year, he was assigned third Sundays and has been there ever since on a monthly basis.  In 1998, he gave up Menís Ministry to pursue the new ministry God had called him to. It was in 1999 that Marty saw the need to begin going to the Nursing Homes and conducting Church Services.  It all began with one Alzheimerís home called Shadow Moss in April of 1999, then Tara in May of the same year.  It was also during 1999 that he was convicted of the need to go on the radio, specifically short wave in partnership with ETRN (End Time Revival Network), and share the Word with those in Third World Countries.  The program was on WWCR (World Wide Christian Radio out of Nashville, TN) and it had the potential to reach 120 countries at one time.  It would 2000 before that goal was accomplished.  We also added another short-wave station in 2000, WINB out of Red Lion Pennsylvania.  The addition of the Radio Ministry created a need for money to be donated and therefore he started pursuing Incorporation, and ultimately 501(c) 3 status. On April 17th His Love Ministries was Incorporated.  In 2001 we added three more nursing homes/assisted living facilities.  It was in February of 2001 the approval to get into the Chatham County Jail came through, and we started weekly Bible Studies.  We established an Internet site for His Love Ministries February 24, 2001. The website address is  In April of 2001, he established a relationship with the Savannah Menís Transitional Center and began to conduct Church Services every other month until July.  At that time he began to go on a monthly basis.  In February 2002 we began airing the 30-second devotionals on His Radio 91.9 FM.  On March 28th of 2002, our 501(c) 3 Non-Profit Status was granted by the IRS.  In July and August of the same year we (the Board) felt led to give up the short wave radio ministry.  In 2002 the decision was made to quit going to Shadow Moss, as there were not any residents mentally capable of enjoying the services. In 2003 Marty felt led to give up his secular job and minister full-time.  His Love Ministries became a full-time ministry on March 17th, 2003.  It was early in 2003 that His Love Ministries began to partner with First Baptist Church of the Islands to conduct special programs at Savannah Menís Transitional Center.  We put on programs at Easter and Christmas.  In May of 2003 we began doing monthly services at Candler Hospital that were available in all the rooms via TV.  We did this till 2004 when Candler quit letting outside groups come in and conduct the services.  In November 2003 we began serving Communion and conducting a Church Service at Coastal State Prison every 5th Sunday.  In January of 2004 two of our volunteers began Bible Studies every 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Fridayís.  One of our volunteers took over Effingham Prison in February of 2004 to free Marty up to pursue other ministry.  In August of 2004 we began two more services at Oceanside Nursing Home at Tybee and Summer Breeze Assisted Living on Wilmington Island.  In September we began services at Westview Nursing Home in Port Wentworth.  In January of 2005 we started going monthly to Coastal State Prison on second Sundayís.  In March of 2005 Coastal Menís Transitional Center called us to ask if we would help out with their Substance Abuse Program, so we began doing a weekly program that month.  In 2006 we added another full time minister to expand. By 2008 we had added 3part time ministers to help us with additional services.  The recession happened in 2008 and we cut back to one part time minister.  Since then we have added many more services at a total of 28 different facilities or areas within them. We now conduct at least 1,000 services a year in 16 Nursing Homes/Assisted Living Facilities, 2 Prisons, 1 Transitional Center, a Youth Detention Center, a Truck Stop, adult and childrenís treatment centers, and a Jail.  We have been on mission in Correctional Facilities since December 1997, and Nursing Homes/Assisted Living Facilities since April 1999.  Marty and Douglas also fill in as a supply preachers in pulpits around Savannah and surrounding areas as they get the opportunity.

 Marty has trained/mentored many men and women in the area of nursing home and prison ministry.  One man has been preaching at nursing homes and the prison since 1999.  Our goal is to train and involve as many men in preaching and teaching the Word as we can so we can spread the Gospel in every Nursing Home/Assisted Living Facility and Correctional Facility in our area and beyond if God opens the door.  We also want to involve as many men and women as we can in ministering to Nursing Home/Assisted Living Facilities, either through our services, distributing Birthday Cards, or visitation and spending one on one time with residents.

Today His Love Ministries is a Non-Profit Organization that has been on mission since December of 1997.  We provide Church Services, Bible Studies, and Devotional Messages to people in facilities who otherwise would not be able to hear the Good News and be spiritually nourished.  God has continued to bless this ministry and He continues to open doors to expand and reach more and more of those that the World Has Forgotten.  Those in the Correctional Facilities and the general public can hear our devotionals on His Radio 91.9 FM.  We also have a podcast at that can be heard via Internet anytime, anywhere, on any device throughout the world. 

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