We provide 188 Bible Studies/Church Services a month, (2,258 a year) at 12 Nursing Homes/Assisted Living, 5 Correctional Facilities (Adult and Youth), Savannah Mission Bible Training Center, Greenbriar Children’s Center, and 3 Treatment Centers for Youth and Adults.

We also give Birthday cards to the residents of many of the Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

His Love Ministries does not charge, nor are we paid for any of the services we provide to facilities. We are a full-time ministry that is totally supported by churches, individuals, and businesses that are willing to help us reach out to those the world has forgotten.

Since 2001 His Love Ministries has adopted residents for Christmas in Local Nursing Homes. These residents either do not have family or anyone who meets their needs. Our goal is to provide each resident, who does not have family, a gift for Christmas and hopefully a friend/family who will visit them regularly.

We currently have several men and women who are trained to teach, plus many other volunteers who help us each month. Our desire is to train and mentor men & women who will help us spread the Gospel into every facility in our area & beyond where the Forgotten are.


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