Those We’ve Ministered To…


Mrs. Betty—Resident at an assisted living facility

His Love Ministries gives us our own pastor each Sunday morning, and this is the greatest blessing, as we have all left our homes and our churches for one or more reasons. This helps us keep closer to God. Pastor McKenzie fills a void with his Biblical preaching, his love for people, and his warmth and care for each individual. He arrives early each Sunday, turns the hymn player on, then goes up and down the halls knocking on doors, inviting us all. He also goes into the memory care unit and brings some ladies up, taking them back after our worship service. They love coming. Whether we have 8 or 18, Pastor McKenzie gives us a truly biblical service, praying for any needs. We have gone through the books of John, Ephesians, and Ruth, which were a blessing. He also gives out birthday cards and gives each of us the Daily Bread Devotion booklet. He listens and prays for any special request. He also visits the hospital and has had several memorial services for some we have lost. At the close of each service he asks if anyone needs to accept Christ. He wants all to come to faith in Christ Jesus. He truly has a desire for all to believe and be saved. If he is going to be away, he makes sure another from His Love Ministries comes. We love them all. We pray the ministry will continue reaching all of the places it is taking God’s Word.
We thank you so much for Pastor Marty McKenzie. His Love Ministries is such a blessing to us!

Penny—RN at Coastal Harbor

I asked the children at Coastal Harbor Treatment Center what it means to them for Mr. Ronnie, Mrs. Shelly, and Mrs. Esther to come see them and have Bible Study with them. These are some of their responses:
· “It helps me keep my faith and stay positive.”
· “We all need Jesus. Learning about Jesus is making me believe. Before, I didn’t.”
· “Helps me better understand and to come closer to God.”
These kids count on Mr. Ronnie to always tell them the truth. The ladies are a perfect example of Women in Christ that the children can emulate.

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