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A ministry dedicated to reaching out to those people, whom the world has forgotten. Our mission is to spread the gospel throughout prisons, jails, correctional transitional centers, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and the local community. 

     - To reach more people with the life changing message of Jesus Christ
     - To equip and edify those who know Christ as their Lord and Savior
     - To build greater relationships with those in need by providing joy, comfort, and security in their lives through bible studies, church services, correspondence, and site visits.


1. Visit local nursing homes on a regular/periodic basis; conduct Bible studies and one/one counseling.

2. Visit local jails/prisons weekly; conduct Bible studies and one/one counseling.

3. Share God's Word through radio broadcasts. Encourage/edify others, teach Gospel, provide a saving knowledge through devotionals.

4. Create audio taped devotionals and sermons for distribution to jails/prisons, nursing homes, and local community listeners.

5. Provide supply/interim preaching.

6. Coordinate with local Christian associations or organizations to expand knowledge/support and to broaden the base of His Love Ministries supporters.

7. Expand the reach HLM via:

     - Enlistment of more volunteers
     - Visit more jails/prisons
     - Visit more nursing homes
     - Increase radio devotionals; expand into radio broadcast sermons
     - Increase audio tape distribution

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