Those we’ve ministered to…

Mrs. Betty—Resident at an assisted living facility

His Love Ministries gives us our own pastor each Sunday morning, and this is the greatest blessing, as we have all left our homes and our churches for one or more reasons. This helps us keep closer to God. Pastor McKenzie fills a void with his Biblical preaching, his love for people, and his warmth and care for each individual. He arrives early each Sunday, turns the hymn player on, then goes up and down the halls knocking on doors, inviting us all. He also goes into the memory care unit and brings some ladies up, taking them back after our worship service. They love coming. Whether we have 8 or 18, Pastor McKenzie gives us a truly biblical service, praying for any needs. We have gone through the books of John, Ephesians, and Ruth, which were a blessing. He also gives out birthday cards and gives each of us the Daily Bread Devotion booklet. He listens and prays for any special request. He also visits the hospital and has had several memorial services for some we have lost. At the close of each service he asks if anyone needs to accept Christ. He wants all to come to faith in Christ Jesus. He truly has a desire for all to believe and be saved. If he is going to be away, he makes sure another from His Love Ministries comes. We love them all. We pray the ministry will continue reaching all of the places it is taking God’s Word.
We thank you so much for Pastor Marty McKenzie. His Love Ministries is such a blessing to us!

RN at Coastal Harbor

I asked the children at Coastal Harbor Treatment Center what it means to them to have Bible Study with the His Love Ministries teachers. These are some of their responses:
· “It helps me keep my faith and stay positive.”
· “We all need Jesus. Learning about Jesus is making me believe. Before, I didn’t.”
· “Helps me better understand and to come closer to God.”
These kids always count on them to tell them the truth. The ladies are a perfect example of Women in Christ that the children can emulate.

What others are saying…

His Love Ministries is a very significant ministry in caring for those individuals who are unable to attend a Bible believing church. Marty McKenzie cares for those who are in prisons, nursing homes and specialized treatment centers. God is using him to provide the real hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ. Our church supports this ministry because we believe through their Bible studies, site visits and church services that they are making a real difference for the kingdom of God.

Dr. Carl Broggi
Pastor of Community Bible Church & President of Search the Scriptures Radio Ministry
Beaufort, SC

In a society where people tend to only reach out to those who can eventually reach out to them, it is refreshing to find a man with a heart to reach out to those who often have little to offer in return. It is without hesitation that I commend to you Marty McKenzie and His Love Ministries. I have known Marty as his pastor and friend for some time and have found Him to be a man of conviction based on God’s Word and a man of tremendous love and compassion toward those whom the world has forgotten. I believe God will bless your efforts as you partner with Marty in such a vital ministry to take the love of Christ and the truth of Christ to those who Desperately need Him.

A. Brooks Cail
Pastor, First Baptist Church of the Islands
Savannah, GA

There is a lot of talk of target audiences and target demographics in ministry circles these days. Funny how very few seem to target the “orphans and widows” of our society! That is exactly what His Love Ministries has done. It is encouraging to see a ministry that is content serving and reaching out to those who often can offer very little back in return. It is a privilege to recommend His Love as a ministry which truly fulfills James 1:27.

Bill Fowler, Pastor,
Community Bible Church
Savannah, GA

Marty McKenzie and His Love Ministries is one of the finest and most effective gospel ministries I know of today, that is reaching out to nursing homes and jails in the Coastal Empire. With this ministry Marty has the vision to train men and women in evangelism and in all forms of Christian Service. His trainees, I’m sure, will be great assets for their local churches. With confidence, I can recommend this ministry to you and your people.

Dr. Allan Bosson
Senior Pastor (Retired), Southside Baptist Church
Savannah, GA