November 6

By the time we get to this verse Job has been through the worst imaginable ordeal anyone could go through. He has lost all he owned, his children, has been living in a horrible time of sickness and has been accused by his friends saying that everything that happened is because of his sin. Can you imagine losing everything you own and being so sick you feel like you are going to die? It is during this time that God shows Job who He really is and how much He cares for Job and that is why Job says I have heard of you but now I see you. In the midst of everything that is currently going on God wants to get your attention and bring you to Him for salvation or into a closer relationship with Him like He did with Job. Either way, the worst thing that can happen to you here on earth will be like a picnic in the park compared with Hell. But for believers this is the worst it will ever be.

Job 42:5 says “I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear; but now my eye sees You;


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